10 Steps to Creating and Launching a ClickBank Product

Well college is done for the semester, and with that comes a load of free time for me to expand my business.  With this comes many different ideas for websites, but the biggest point of emphasis for me will be the book I am creating called Weekend Marketing.  It is going to be sold through ClickBank and depending on how ambitious I feel, it may also be sold in paperback.  I have created an e-book before, The Seven Day Millionaire, but that product was created only 7 months into my marketing career and while I had been making a lot of money, I didn’t realize the reasons why I had become successful so quickly.

I have seen many products come and go throughout the years on ClickBank, but I want to be one of the first to create a product with actual staying power.  I have planning this book for about a year already, and now I am going to start going through the marketing and production phases followed by actually writing it over the summer.  My plan is to create it and have a sales page done by August and to then go into full scale affiliate scouting and promotions for it.

You will hear all about it as time goes on, but for now I will just leave you with a list of the steps I plan to take to promote my book, so that you can replicate my plans for your own needs.

10 Steps to creating and launching  a product on ClickBank:

  1. Think of a product to create
  2. Do market research to make sure that the niche isn’t over saturated, and check to make sure there is market demand
  3. Think of a title, and register that domain
  4. Create the product – If you are creating an ebook write it in OpenOffice and use their PDF export option.
  5. Work with a graphic designer for the sales page (I’ll post a link to whichever designer I decide to go with, currently there is one that I want to hear back from) – This is my current step in the process.
  6. Begin building your credentials as an expert (posting articles, trying to get into trade magazines, newspapers, etc.)
  7. Start recruiting affiliates, they will be the primary engine of sales so do what you need to court them.  Many posts to come in the near future about how I plan to get affiliates.
  8. Begin promoting the product itself to drive up buzz (well before the actual launch)
  9. Capture affiliate and customer emails via opt-in lists on the sales page so you can have big support for the launch date
  10. Watch the ClickBank gravity system propel your product to the top as more affiliates jump on board as they sense a profitable product.

This is a very general outline, I will be going into detail on each section of the process as I go along.  I expect to be posting once every 2-3 days until November, and then I will slow down a bit as launch comes closer to happening.

Thank you to all my loyal readers, I’m sorry that I always do this to you but I am going to be back for a while this time.


  1. dede says:

    Hi, just visited your blogs…nice blogs!!

    thank for sharing great idea on IM,..

  2. Hey Brother! Thanks for the post. I heard CB a long time a go but I don’t know hoe to start :( Can you help me????

  3. lazyking says:

    Good luck with the book.

  4. nsinniah says:

    Nice Blog, i just got involved with the clickbank……thanks

  5. DesDrec says:

    Good post James. I produced a clickbank product a few months ago and had alright success, nothing to shout about really. Your step by step process is spot on. I’ve been looking into producing a similar add-on product for successful or soon to be successful products and then trying to JV with the product owner. I’ve seen a few guys have a lot of success with this. Hell, it’s worth giving the product away for free on their thank you page just to keep some targeted email subs.

    Keep up the good work and thanks.

  6. Thanks for your suggestions, also Social marketing is a good and powerful way to bring targeted traffic, I would suggest to get some info on it.

  7. Thomas says:

    Nice. I am thinking about trying to create my first simple e-book. What are some good affiliate places to put the book? Like clickbank?

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