Death of a Marketing Legend – Billy Mays

Today I had logged on to my Twitter page to put out some update just to get in contact with my followers, and I check the trending topics expecting to see nothing but Michael Jackson topics. To my absolute shock, my marketing idol Billy Mays was the topic of discussion, and his name was preceded by “RIP”. I took the news quite hard, Billy Mays is not only the host of the only TV show that I watch on television “Pitchmen”, but he is the reason I have this blog today.

I am a 20 year old college student that started an internet marketing company 2 years ago, which I now realize will become my future. I have no plans of working for some other company, I am loving the life of an entrepreneur and quite frankly I am doing well for myself. I realized a few days ago that the original source of my marketing interest was from Billy Mays.

When I was a kid I saw an Oxiclean commercial with the famous wow demo, and the next day when I went into bed bath and beyond with my mom I made her buy a small tub of it. We have never actually used it, and it is sitting under my sink, but we still bought it. Since that point I have been analyzing commercials and advertising ploys.

In short, Billy Mays is the main reason why I have become an internet marketer today. When I found out that discovery was launching “Pitchmen” I could not have been more excited, and I must say that I find the show fascinating. I fully intend to continue my marketing career for the foreseeable future, and I am devastated at the loss of my idol. Billy Mays products are a multi billion dollar industry, he could sell literally anything. I can only wish to eventually reach his level of success in the marketing world.

He was a hard working man that was always looking out for his family, and he will be missed. If there is something positive to come out of all of this, he died in the prime of his life and therefore he will always be remembered at his peak. My best wishes go out to his family.

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