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Today I wanted to announce that I am challenging myself to write and submit at least 1 article per day to EzineArticles.com as well as the top 10 other article directories. I know that there are many people that write 10+ articles a day but I used to hate writing articles so this is a big step forward for me, it will probably also give me a kick in the pants to post here more often.

I will probably come closer to submitting around 3 articles a day because I will be submitting old blog posts as well as articles that I will purchase from some of the authors I have outsourced work to in the past. The goal of these articles are to boost the search engine rankings for Easy Online Money Making while driving direct traffic to my new mailing list the Fast Cash Blueprint.

I have done a little research on my most recent articles and I have found that I typically make $15 per article that I write in commissions from NeverBlue and ClickBank on average. This means that I will get an extra $15 a day if I continue to write these articles, all of which I will be investing into advertising when I finish working on my marketing book.

I have written a couple of test articles each of which gets a few hundred UV’s a month, and most of this is thanks to Google. I started basing my titles off the most searched terms in Google, for instance if you type in paid surveys it will display paid surveys online, so I will optimize my articles for that specific phrase.

In order to continuously pump out articles you simply need to get into a routine, for me I write my articles just before eating lunch. If you are writing about a subject that you find boring, then write about something that interests you instead. Don’t punish yourself just to make a couple extra dollars, and an interesting article will be better in the long run anyway.

Once you are finished writing your article proof read it twice, then submit it to EzineArticles and use your article submission software of choice to submit to other top directories. Rather than submitting to all the spam directories allow it to spread organically.

There are huge benefits in writing articles, read any marketing forum and you will find example after example of people taking in thousands of dollars in organically driven sales from articles. The traffic generated directly from articles is slightly higher in quality than PPC traffic while at the same time it provides a wealth of high quality links back to your website. Some of my articles have been republished over 2,000 times, this is exposure that would cost a fortune to buy. If you have a mailing list it is amazing for converting visitors as well, 60% of the people that come to my splash pages from articles end up subscribing.


  1. wfilter20 says:

    congratulations just seen you have it over 1000 subscribers, I took my feedburner down off my blog as it wouldnt move pass 6 subscribers.

  2. Sid says:

    Nice article! I have used Ezinearticles primarily to get backlinks and promote my blog but haven’t yet tried it for affiliate products. I think it is a good start though and should begin soon enough. $15/day is impressive if you can achieve it. In addition, the articles have long-term benefits for your site as well, so it should be worth much more.

    I wonder though how you still get good traffic to your articles with Ezine even after the Panda update. Traffic to my articles at EZA has significantly dropped since that Google update.

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