Switching from BlueHost to HostGator

I am not quite sure when I will switch over this blog, but my current plan for my websites is to migrate them all to a new HostGator account that I am opening later today.  As some of you may have seen in my post about a week ago I am going to be launching a ClickBank product and with this comes a need for a more expandable web hosting plan.  I fully intend to get 30,000+ unique visitors each month, and with this comes quite a bit of bandwidth requirements which a regular shared hosting account cannot support.

For now I will just be buying the “baby” plan because it more than fits my current usage needs, and at quite a good rate as well.  I am going to buy it for 3 years because their sales department told me that when I upgrade to a dedicated server the money in my account will rollover anyway, so I might as well get the hosting cheap until I hit that point.  There are two basic reasons why I am switching to HostGator, the first is that they provide a much faster shared hosting plan than BlueHost currently does in terms of webpage load speeds, and the second is that it is a scalable operation.  Once I use up too much resources for a shared account, I can simply upgrade to a dedicated server with no interruptions and continue on as if I was still on a hosting plan except with a much faster loading speed ;-) .

Normally I put a lot of time and effort into cutting my costs to a minimum, and since I have already paid for the next 6 months of BlueHost I would normally wait until it has expired.  This time around, I figure that I am making good money from my sites and a couple hundred dollars is really just a drop in the bucket, the only real loss would be about $30-40 and since there is currently a 20% off all initial orders coupon floating around I will be saving more than that by buying it ahead of time. I have called their sales department 3 times to see if I could skim out a better deal but this is as low as they are going, at least all of their support is U.S. based.

This will be my first time transferring my sites around to another webhost which doesn’t seem like a complicated process, if I have problems I’ll make a post begging for you guys to help me out ;)   This also works as a great motivator for me, if I want to get to the point where I literally need to own my own server to run my sites, then I would clearly be raking in quite a bit of cash.

Feel free to copy me, this HostGator link + the coupon “Spring” will get you 20% off your first order.  If I have any problems I’ll post them up :)


  1. Sid says:

    You are an experienced affiliate marketer and perhaps have a very good idea of starting sites. However, for newbies, HostGator offers another great service: technical support! I have asked them about some issues I faced with my blog and have always gotten a prompt reply and help. If I had hired someone else, I’d probably be spending hundreds of dollars on it! I still have a long way to go, but hostgator seems really nice for now. I am not sure if you have used this particular service from them.

    • Hey Sid,

      Firstly, thanks for visiting! I thoroughly enjoyed your post on BitCoin and your response to my comment has made me look deeper into how the whole system works.

      As for HostGator’s technical support I will say that they are the best that I have experienced thus far (I am actively using 3 different web hosts currently and I have used others in the past).

      If you ever have a complex issue I would recommend calling them late when the will typically answer on the first ring and have plenty of time to work on the issue.

      I end up calling their tech support about once a month for various issues and I have never walked away unsatisfied with their answers or the solution to my problem. One thing to keep in mind is that their support staff works 24×7 (even at 3am it is still U.S. based support) and while there are less people working there are even fewer people calling.


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