Ezine Articles Submission

Today I wanted to announce that I am challenging myself to write and submit at least 1 article per day to EzineArticles.com as well as the top 10 other article directories. I know that there are many people that write 10+ articles a day but I used to hate writing articles so this is a big [...]

Ways to Promote Your Blog

I just spent 10 hours straight doing the design for Easyonlinemoneymaking.com (still waiting for the dns to update for my Host Gator switch, I’ll post when the results are live).  I figured that since I spent such an extended period of time actually being productive I would make a post about some of the “time [...]

Finding link partners and link exchanges

Link exchanges are one of the most popular ways to gain links today, but the thing I do not understand is why people waste their time creating useless exchanges.  If you are going to do a link exchange, then do yourself a favor and don’t make it obvious to Google by creating a “links” page [...]

Using Social Networks for Links and Traffic

Social networks are a great thing for internet marketers, especially as they can be used effectively for any level of experience as an internet marketer.  One of my first reactions when I made my first website was to send out a message to all my friends via FaceBook and used that as a source of [...]

How to Use Article Marketing for Traffic and Links

One thing that many people pass over because they don’t wish to spend the time is article marketing.  In my opinion skipping this tactic is quite ridiculous, especially for bloggers.  As a blogger, I typically write in article format as it is, making it quite easy to convert them into an article format for distribution.  [...]