Google+ is Absolutely a Success


Recently Eric Schmidt said “Google+ is doing better than I expected given the competitors in the market and the success [of Facebook]. Do I think it’s a success? Absolutely. Absolutely.” (TechRadar) While they’ve had a large number of sign-ups how could it possibly be a success if nobody actually uses it? The reality is that Google [...]

Death of a Marketing Legend – Billy Mays

Billy Mays OxiClean

Today I had logged on to my Twitter page to put out some update just to get in contact with my followers, and I check the trending topics expecting to see nothing but Michael Jackson topics. To my absolute shock, my marketing idol Billy Mays was the topic of discussion, and his name was preceded [...]

Hiring a Good Graphic Designer

I have done many things with internet marketing, but due to my stubborn nature I have only worked with 5-6 graphic designers before.  As my normal readers know, I am creating a product that will launch in late January called “Weekend Marketing”.  I haven’t gotten very far in writing the book yet because I have [...]

Ways to Promote Your Blog

I just spent 10 hours straight doing the design for (still waiting for the dns to update for my Host Gator switch, I’ll post when the results are live).  I figured that since I spent such an extended period of time actually being productive I would make a post about some of the “time [...]

Switching from BlueHost to HostGator

I am not quite sure when I will switch over this blog, but my current plan for my websites is to migrate them all to a new HostGator account that I am opening later today.  As some of you may have seen in my post about a week ago I am going to be launching [...]