SEO? Oh, I’ve heard of that before!


Earlier this week I was headed down the elevator and a guy made small talk by asking what I do. As an entrepreneur it usually takes a bit of effort to get people to understand what is that I actually do. I told him that I run a bunch of websites that bring in visitors […]

Hiring a Good Graphic Designer

I have done many things with internet marketing, but due to my stubborn nature I have only worked with 5-6 graphic designers before.  As my normal readers know, I am creating a product that will launch in late January called “Weekend Marketing”.  I haven’t gotten very far in writing the book yet because I have […]

Google Creates a Search Engine Optimization Guide

Well this was a shocker for me, I never thought I would hear of Google encouraging search engine optimization but sure enough they created the “Search Engine Optimization Guide” and posted it on the official blog.  This is one of those moves that I won’t completely understand but it does make you wonder; why would […]

Reasons Why I Comment on "Nofollow" Blogs also

One thing that has been truly exploding on some of the internet marketing forums lately is that “there is no point in commenting on a blog without dofollow”.  Frankly, I find this to be a very disappointing sentiment, it is no secret that internet marketers are typically invidiuals looking out for their own well being, […]